Summer's here

Summer's here!! I've been waiting a loooong time to start shooting a new series. This is the first one. Stay tuned as I shoot like crazy over the next few months.

Where The River Meets

For this shoot i had planned on contrasting the soft feeling that my photos sometimes resonate with some stronger looks, and play on a balance between those two ideas. I had hired the space, drawn up the concept, and at the last minute had the model cancel on me, eek! Thankfully, to the rescue, Riva stepped in as the model, and honestly, i can't have imagined the photo's coming out any more beautiful with anyone else!! Overall it was a really lovely day that had a very beautiful flow to it. The time passed by quickly, and even though this is my biggest photo post yet (and i know i added too many), i wish i could have taken more photos.

Films used were fuji400h, trix400, and trix320. Cameras, Pentax67, CanonEos3, and GraflexSpeedGraphic (note on my speed graphic; i have one polaroid shot left, and there's no more of this beautiful 4x5 instant film. I'm saving it for a special occasion, so when i take it, i'll be sure to post it up).

Double Trouble

I was contacted by Belle, a model i had worked with when i was just starting out, and was asked if i'd like to shoot her and her friend Megan together. I didn't quite know how i was going to do it when i accepted, but was more than happy to take up the challenge. I continued the trend i started with the last shoot and sent all my colour film to the awesome guys and girls at Carmencita Film Lab. Cameras used were my personal fav the Pentax 67, Rollei TLR, and Canon eos3. Films were Kodak Trix 400, and Fuji 400h. As a side note, i didn't get to shoot enough rolls with this one as we were limited in time by the setting sun, which was my only light source on the day. I still loved the shots we got though, even though they were few, so all ended well.

A Day Away

I was caught of guard when Cinda had contacted me, and had asked for a photoshoot. I had two shoots that were already booked in that week, and i made the decision that i would shoot with her in one of the places that i was using for another model as well. My only concern was that it would look to similar to shoot in the same space. So what i did was come up with a different technique of metering with the plan of developing them a little different from each other. The shoot i felt went quite well, as we focused on capturing images that were quite sensuous, and tactile. I have been working on a project that i have found quite difficult to put into words, but it seems i come closer to capturing it in some shoots more than others. Cinda was one of those models that i felt embodied the body of my project even though i can't quite define it. It is a sort of capturing of moments in between the moments. A way of connecting the viwer to the partiqular way i see the world, rather than telling them a story. It seems my pictures paint the picture better than my words, so i'll leave it at that. The Cameras used were the pentax67, rollei slx, and 35mm canon film camera, and a graflex with aero ektar. The films used were trix400, ilford, fuji 400h, and fuji 100c4x5 instant.

Claudia - Into the zone

Claudia, and i had organised a shoot at a local beach i was quite familiar with. We had arranged to meet there a little later in the day than i was used to, as i wanted to try a different angle of light than i've previously shot in, but the weather had other plans install for us, as we had overcast the entire time. I used a different method of metering on the day, choosing to follow a simplified version of Ansel Adams's zone system to control the tone to a greater extent. I had used it before to be honest, with quite mixed results in full sun, but with the weather staying overcast, it worked amazingly well under the conditions, and i got perfect exposures every single frame. Way to go Ansel!! The film was sent to Carmencita Film Lab this time, and i have to say i am very impressed with their results. The films i used were fuji across 100 for the bw, fuji 400h, portra 160, and portra 400. The cameras were the pentax 67, rollei 3.5t, and canon eos 3 with a couple L primes.

A River Swept

I had shot with Riva before, but this was the first time that i had shot with such a simple approach to my portraiture, so i knew i needed a model that could portray a natural look well, and in this case i couldn't have asked for a better person to model for me. I wanted the shoot to be very raw, and with little styling, so we used some wardrobe Riva had brought along as well as some of my own that i had packed away saved for a rainy day. The cameras i used were a Rollei T, Rollei SLX, Pentax 67, and a Speed Graphic. The Rollei T came in amazingly handy with it's leaf shutter as we did not have much light in the apartment we were using. I shot on Trix 400, Fuji 400, and Portra 160. The colour photos are at the lab, and i'll be adding them shortly.