A River Swept

I had shot with Riva before, but this was the first time that i had shot with such a simple approach to my portraiture, so i knew i needed a model that could portray a natural look well, and in this case i couldn't have asked for a better person to model for me. I wanted the shoot to be very raw, and with little styling, so we used some wardrobe Riva had brought along as well as some of my own that i had packed away saved for a rainy day. The cameras i used were a Rollei T, Rollei SLX, Pentax 67, and a Speed Graphic. The Rollei T came in amazingly handy with it's leaf shutter as we did not have much light in the apartment we were using. I shot on Trix 400, Fuji 400, and Portra 160. The colour photos are at the lab, and i'll be adding them shortly.