Claudia - Into the zone

Claudia, and i had organised a shoot at a local beach i was quite familiar with. We had arranged to meet there a little later in the day than i was used to, as i wanted to try a different angle of light than i've previously shot in, but the weather had other plans install for us, as we had overcast the entire time. I used a different method of metering on the day, choosing to follow a simplified version of Ansel Adams's zone system to control the tone to a greater extent. I had used it before to be honest, with quite mixed results in full sun, but with the weather staying overcast, it worked amazingly well under the conditions, and i got perfect exposures every single frame. Way to go Ansel!! The film was sent to Carmencita Film Lab this time, and i have to say i am very impressed with their results. The films i used were fuji across 100 for the bw, fuji 400h, portra 160, and portra 400. The cameras were the pentax 67, rollei 3.5t, and canon eos 3 with a couple L primes.