Double Trouble

I was contacted by Belle, a model i had worked with when i was just starting out, and was asked if i'd like to shoot her and her friend Megan together. I didn't quite know how i was going to do it when i accepted, but was more than happy to take up the challenge. I continued the trend i started with the last shoot and sent all my colour film to the awesome guys and girls at Carmencita Film Lab. Cameras used were my personal fav the Pentax 67, Rollei TLR, and Canon eos3. Films were Kodak Trix 400, and Fuji 400h. As a side note, i didn't get to shoot enough rolls with this one as we were limited in time by the setting sun, which was my only light source on the day. I still loved the shots we got though, even though they were few, so all ended well.