Where The River Meets

For this shoot i had planned on contrasting the soft feeling that my photos sometimes resonate with some stronger looks, and play on a balance between those two ideas. I had hired the space, drawn up the concept, and at the last minute had the model cancel on me, eek! Thankfully, to the rescue, Riva stepped in as the model, and honestly, i can't have imagined the photo's coming out any more beautiful with anyone else!! Overall it was a really lovely day that had a very beautiful flow to it. The time passed by quickly, and even though this is my biggest photo post yet (and i know i added too many), i wish i could have taken more photos.

Films used were fuji400h, trix400, and trix320. Cameras, Pentax67, CanonEos3, and GraflexSpeedGraphic (note on my speed graphic; i have one polaroid shot left, and there's no more of this beautiful 4x5 instant film. I'm saving it for a special occasion, so when i take it, i'll be sure to post it up).