A Breath of Air

A Breath of Air -- For this shoot i experimented with developing and scanning my own film, and to take it up a notch I used portrait 400 which I never use, cause nothing gets results like throwing yourself in the deep end right? Overall the experiment was quite a success. I really liked the colours I achieved, and the style I went for. Of course my model was pretty darn amazing, and helped with making my photos look so good, so kudos to the talented Dusanka from Busy Models!

*Update* 13.8.2017

So I'm coming back to this shoot cause after I took it things started to turn out not so good! I have one little problem that I know about, but I am usually quite skill full at avoiding. I have a little tendency to be a perfectionist! Okay maybe it's a big tendency to be a perfectionist. And the problem I ran into was taking too much control of the whole process. I kind of let it dictate everything, and lost focus of the things that made me progress so fast so quickly. It was really silly to be honest I should of realised it sooner, and have wasted nearly a year of growing which is unfortunate, but well i did it and you learn from your mistakes right!? Hopefully I'll be back on track soon !