The Endless Days of Summer

It's been a long minute since I posted last. In the time between posts I can say with confidence that I have been a busy boy. I've tried a bunch of things that for better or for worse didn't align with where I wanted to head with my photography.

Bringing us to here. The point of departure, so to speak. In this shoot I began a new style that would ignite something in me that would have me chasing summer in exotic locations across the world. Leading to a project I would call the Endless Days of Summer or EDOS, and it is a project I've already begun. In fact I'm writing this blog whilst on the beach on the coast of Croatia. Pretty nifty huh!

Think of it... do it!! That's pretty much my thought and action process - with very little planning in the middle, haha!

Wish me luck peeps. This is most definetely the biggest project I’ve endeavoured to create, and I’m pretty excited at the prospect of making it!



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