This one was for an artbook series that I've been working on. The photos from the shoot were destined for the artbook exclusively, but Rhyme and I thought that some of these were really beautiful, and decided to share some. As a note I couldn't include all of them, but the ones that I did, were put together to create a small narrative. I've added a song to it, to help pull you into the tempo of the photos, as I feel they are a little different from regular mainstream images, and are presented to be experienced rather than flicked through.

The shoot theme was about love, and being absent from it. I wanted it to feel like Rhyme was inside a world of her own. Neither here, nor there, but rather in this liminal space that's in between, and in turn evoke that feeling in the person veiwing the photos. Hope you can feel the theme.

And dont forget to hit play on the music.